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Event Registration Platform

Alexei De Bono

Alexei De Bono

IDEA Intelligence
Posted 1 year ago.

Project Description

Briefly explained, the project entails developing a cloud based platform to create events and register interest for events. Only a specific subset of users will be able to create events while anyone logged in can register interest for the event (filling out a form with details for every event registered). In addition, the user who created the event should be able to create a report of all attendees so far. 

Requirements & Experience

  • Experience in Microservices architectures
  • Experience in JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience in Git, NPM and Gulp or similar
  • Experience in responsive web design and frameworks (eg. React and Bootstrap)
  • Thoroughly testing work & assisting others to debug issues


  • Technology Required: HTML, JavaScript, Node.JS, React JS
  • Required Within: Ideally 3 months
  • Budget: Open to discussion based on load of work
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