Honestly... it's not complicated at all!

The following set of terms and conditions are here to be followed while you are making use of www.developers.com.mt that for the purpose of this document it will be named as 'the website'.

This is the whole list of definitions:

1. Definitions 

  • 'the website' refers to www.developers.com.mt and the owners. This could also be refered to as us, we, website, moderators and site.
  • 'users' refers to any kind of user using the website irrelevant if he/she is an employer, candidate or a spammer!
  • 'client' will be referring to the employer.
  • 'candidate' refers to the person searching for a job who in turn will be creating an account for job applying purposes.

2. Client

2.1  The client is free to create as many accounts as he wants using different email addresses unless all the accounts are being used solely for promoting their vacancies. Other then that, we reserve the right to delete any account that is miss using the website other then it's purpose to advertise vacancies. 

2.2  Moderators also have the right not to approve any job listing that has nothing to do with the subject of the website that is related to web, software, application or any type of other IT development. We are obliged to give you the refund and cancel your job post. Moderators also have the right to suspend any new or previously approved job listing that offer no data to the users or providing false or inaccurate information.

2.3  Do not try to be cheeky, one job per one post, ok? and don't try to update your current post to a new post, otherwise you will leave us with no option other then disable your listing and we will not be obliged to give you a refund.

2.4  You are totally forbidden to use the users details for other purposes other then recruitment. Otherwise your account will be suspended and reported to the related authorities. Yes we take data protection seriously!

2.5  We do not participate or get involved in the recruitment process nor we give any preferences or any advise of who is the best candidate for the job. It is totally up to you to evaluate the candidate's ability to perform your required tasks.

2.6  We are not responsable if no one applied for your vacancy and your posting expired without success. Refunds will not be given in such cases.

2.7  You are totally in control of your account. We are not responsable if your account data get leaked or for any un authorised access to your account. Its your responsibility to keep your login credential safe. Also, please do not ask our support agents to give you your password. Your password is hashed in our databases and there is no means for us to know your password. Instead you can use our Forgot Password feature.

3. Candidate

3.1  Candidates are only allowed to create one account, therefore one profile. Of course you can create multiple accounts with different email addresses  but we can assure you that you will not get luckier if you do that. You as a candidate are required to provide accurate and complete personal details together with your work experience and qualifications. We also suggest you update your profile regularly.

3.2  If you intend to create a profile for spamming purposes, please think again. We will immediately close your account and ban you from accessing the website at all. Your account will also get suspended if you use it for any other purposes other then applying for jobs.

3.3  Your information will be available to the related employer only as soon as you apply to their vacancy, however, there might be occasions where we forward and recommend your skills to an employer should we think that your profile fits exactly the employer's requirements. Other then that, your data is kept in total confidence. However, please make sure that your login credentials are kept safe as we are not responsable if your data is accessed by third parties.

3.4  When Job alerts are set, you are accepting to receive email material from developers.com.mt containing a list of jobs related to you preferences which are set in your alert. You will keep receiving such emails until you disable or delete your alert.

4. Copyright

Everything you see on the website is copyrighted so please do not copy or reproduce anything from it unless we give you permission to do so.


Sorry but we need to be a bit technical here and use some legal words, here we go.

5.1  developers.com.mt can not be held responsible should your computer/device be infected with any kind of spyware or virus from our website operation. We are unable to certify any accuracy of the information provided through out the website. It is the sole responsability of the website user to verify that such information is accurate and verified.

5.2  By making us of this website you are confirming that developers.com.mt will not be liable for any, and not limited to direct or indirect damages, consequences, money loss, relation ship problems of any sort or contract breaches of any kind.

5.3  If you deem that the above stated liabilities are not reasonable, please refrain from using this website or otherwise you are bound to the above liabilities even though any point from above is unenforceable by law, this disclaimer will still be in full force and effect.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime you like on info@developers.com.mt