Maze Digital

Maze Digital


Maze Digital is a XERO Developer Partner - we get approached on a regular basis by businesses around the world to help digitise their operations. Our team has worked on a number of local and international projects from News Portals based in the US; to SAAS Payroll Solutions and Event Accreditation Platforms.

Maze Digital's mission is to help businesses and business owners save time; in order to spend it in more meaningful ways. We find that a lot of businesses suffer from a data duplication problem, and administrative monkey work which nobody loves to do; nor paying for. And we seek to eliminate this and give added value to business through analytics and business intelligence.

Our team is currently made up of 5 people; including 3 hands-on developers and are growing.


  • Location: Swieqi
  • Industry: Software House
  • Company Size: 1 - 20 people
  • Year Founded: 2016

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