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We are looking for a developer, preferably someone with experience relating to the WPresidence theme that can develop a section of our website.


The base of our website is uploading Chairs and salons to rent. Uploading a property listing is very simple and easy, however when trying to monetise it, we begin to have issues. The theme we have only allows us to use either one free or paid ad plus an upgrade to featured. We would like to allow more packages and insert the page so that when the “add new property” button is clicked it takes them to the membership packages page. Once a package has been chosen then it will redirect to the uploading property page. After that the final step will be payment and then the advert will be uploaded.


We have been told by another professional that the work should take no longer than 2 hours. We are looking to get this completed today as it’s a small job.


Please get back to us as soon as possible.


Reference URL


  • Technology Required: PHP
  • Required Within: 1-4 hours
  • Prefered Payment Type: Pay by the hour
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